Monday, October 27, 2014

CMJ 2014 Recap

Wow!! The crazy busy CMJ week is finally behind us, which resulted in piles of dirty laundry around the house, empty fridge with a box of baking soda mischievously staring at you and a layer of city dust evenly covering surface of your entire apartment.

But despite a minor disturbance of my house routine, I had an absolutely fantastic time catching some inspiring performances and meeting new people from all over!

Tuesday, October 21st

Absolutely unforgettable performance by Oh Land @ Bowery Ballroom

Wednesday, October 22nd

Epic abstract fable-rock - clash of medieval and futuristic from San Fermin @ Webster Hall

Thursday, October 23rd

Light-Minutes Away had a fantastic showcase at Matchless!! All the bands, the audience, the venue and the sound collaborated on an absolutely new level  - it was an all-embracing experience!!!!

Carbon Mirage, Satorii, Olya, Swampa_ZZ and Letters to Nepal

Friday, October 24th

So natural at her gadgetry, Kawehi packed Rockwood MusicHall to the ceiling

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Letters to Nepal Releases New Dance Single "Think About It"

Letters to Nepal, a Brooklyn-based ambient-pop band known for its atmospheric progressive synths and serene vocals, is stepping outside of its common sound with its new indie dance tune Think About It.

Starting with the dreamy soundscape, it may fool you into thinking you are about to be carried away by another meditative composition of Letters to Nepal. But instead, as the intro fades away, it prompts you to dance and doesn't let go until the very last chord. Check for yourself!

Letters to Nepal will be playing a CMJ show as a part of Light-Minutes Away Showcase on October 23 at Bar Matchless.

Friday, October 3, 2014

THU/10/23 - CMJ Showcase at Bar Matchless (BK)

October is here, and the CMJ madness is approaching faster than we think! Our line-up is looking fantabulous!! October 23rd at Bar Matchless, doors open at 6:30pm!!!!

10pm Satorii
9pm Olya
Want to know what we sound like? Check out all the bands on the compilation SoundsCloud Playlist below:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Carbon Mirage Releases 2nd Album "The Peak"

Carbon Mirage are back from touring New England and Mid-Atlantic just in time for their 2nd album release!

Download "The Peak" on iTunes or BandCamp and be sure to share it with your friends!

The album release show is schedule for Thursday, September 25th at Muchmore's in Williamsburg.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Carbon Mirage Goes on Tour in Sept 12-20, Free Download of "Bed-Stuy Bounty Hunter" from the new upcoming album "The Peak"

Carbon Mirage, a New York City based instrumental trio, is going on tour through the Northeast from September 12th - 20th hitting Portland, Burlington, Portsmouth, Hudson, Ithaca and Pittsburg!

Carbon Mirage's sound is a collision of rock and jazz. With influences ranging from Radiohead to Miles Davis, Sun Ra to Jimi Hendrix, each track moves in dynamic waves and always manages to get people on their feet.

In anticipation of their upcoming album "The Peak" (scheduled for release on September 23rd), Carbon Mirage is giving away their first single Bed-Stuy Bounty Hunter, which you can download here:

Fore more details on the band's tour dates see the awesome poster below!

Light-Minutes Away Presents an Official CMJ Showcase 2014 @ Bar Matchless - Thursday, October 23rd!!!!

OK! It's official! I am totally excited to announce that we are doing our first CMJ SHOWCASE this year at our Williamsburg homebase BAR MATCHLESS on THUR, OCT 23 presented by LIGHTMINUTESAWAY.COM! 5 weeks from now, 5 amazing bands!!!!

CMJ is the largest music festival held in NYC put on by the College Music Journal, a publication of alternative music. OCTOBER 21TH - 25TH. 80+ venues / 1,300+ artists / 125,000+ fans 


Monday, September 8, 2014

OLYA adds a show to her fall calendar at the The Bitter End - THU/9/18

OLYA adds a show to her fall calendar at the The Bitter End - the famed club in the West Village that became home for her and her first band after the release of "Carefully". They are now ready to rock The Bitter End as a synth-pop duo with their new indie dance sound!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Great reviews by on SATORII and OLYA after their Matchless show!

Last week at Bar Matchless a rather intriguing couple entered the showroom in the back of the club to catch Satorii's and Olya's performances. We chatted in between the sets and at the end of the night, touching upon numerous topics: music, background, inspiration, influences. Just a few days after the Labor Day weekend, I woke up to these two very heartfelt articles on Elke and Oliver's blog Check it out!!!!

8/28/2014 Show at Bar Matchless w/ Swampa_ZZ, Satorii and OLYA was a blast!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

SATORII Rocking Creative Grove Artist and Designer Market

Satorii rocked Creative Grove Art and Design Market at Grove St. PATH Plaza in Jersey City. A fun clash of "art-preneurs" in art, fashion, music  food and more...

Monthly Festivals, every 3rd Friday 3-9pm - Grove Street Path Plaza, New Jersey, NJ

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Indie Dance Summer Bash w/ Swampa_ZZ, Olya and Satorii

We are back to Bar Matchless for the summer bash with two of our favorite bands SWAMPA_ZZ and SATORII!!!

Where: Bar Matchless

-- 557 Manhattan Ave (@ Driggs Ave)
When: Thursday, August 28th. Doors open @ 7:30pm | $8

8pm - Swampa_ZZ
"If ODB taught Rihanna's Krav Maga class, SWAMPA-ZZ would be the workout montage music."

9pm - OLYA
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Olya jams a new outfit into the indie dance catalog with her new electro synth-pop duo. Indie pop intelligencia meets booty shaking irreverence.

10pm - Satorii
Satorii is a Brooklyn based live DnB/Electronica band with a wide spectrum of sounds, crazy live drums and soft groovy vocals. RAW band of the Year in NYC in 2013.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Street team is working hard...

Getting ready for the April 14th show @ Bar Matchless!!! Great line up including two NYC bands - Swampa_ZZ and Cumbre Vieja!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Indie Dance Spring Explosion w/ Olya, Swampa ZZ & Cumbre Vieja

We've been patiently waiting for spring, but with all due respect to Punxsutawney Phil, we just cannot wait any longer!!! 

Thursday, April 17th, we will EXPLODE with some hard-to-resist spring dance tunes! Thursday is the new Friday, especially when followed by GOOD FRIDAY—and don't say we didn't warn you, it will be the perfect start to your weekend!

We are opening the doors at 7:30pm and partying until the last body drops at one of our favorite spots in Williamsburg, BAR MATCHLESS.

Where: Bar Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn NY 
When: Thursday, April 17th @ 7:30pm | Door: $8

8p - Swampa_ZZ
"If ODB taught Rihanna's Krav Maga class, SWAMPA-ZZ would be the workout montage music."

9p - OLYA
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Olya jams a new outfit into the indie dance catalog with her new electro synth-pop duo. Indie pop intelligencia meets booty shaking irreverence.

10p - Cumbre Vieja 
Brooklyn-based rock trio. If Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys had sex and their child got down with Otis Redding, it might sound like this band.

See you there!